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Oster CG100 Electric Cheese Grater Review

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If you in the market for a very affordable cheese grater with a container, then the Oster CG100 could be a good choice. It has a very affordable retail price of around $30, and it is a battery operated model. Oster are known for making good quality kitchen appliances, but is this particular model any exception? Lets have a look at it in more detail below.

Product Features:
The design of the Oster CG100 is fairly nice. It has a modern stainless steel and black plastic casing which will look at home in any kitchen. There is a clear window on the front of the machine so you can keep an eye on how much cheese you have left in there. There are two grinding drums included with this particular model, a course and a fine one. Both of the drums feel sturdy enough, and should provide a few years of service.  Those are some of the positive parts of this product, and that is about the only positive things we have to say about this particular product.
Now there are some fundamental flaws with the CG100 that we simply cannot ignore. First and foremost is the actual operation of the unit. The hopper on this machine is really small, which means you need to cut up the cheese into small chunks. We should mention that any bits of cheese that are bigger than 1/2″ cannot be placed into the container as they will not fit. You also cannot cut them into long rectangular strips either, as this will put too much strain on the motor. Even when they are cut into smaller cubes, the motor really does struggle to get the cheese grated. And keep in mind that this was with a softer kind of cheddar, so grating something like parmigiana would be a waste of time. The container is also far too small, and after it is finished grinding you will only be left with a few teaspoons of cheese. The picture we saw beforehand of this model made it seem like it was much bigger than it actually is unfortunately.

The lack of hopper means that at times you may have to user your fingers or thumbs to try and press the cheese against the grinding drum. Not only is this difficult to do, but it is also a major safety hazard and not something we would recommend at all. However we could forgive the small quantity of cheese it grates, if it could do this properly. We aren’t sure what motor is in this unit, but it is certainly vastly underpowered. A few blocks of cheese can take minutes to grind up, and that is assuming that it doesn’t jam up and stop several times in the process which happened to us several times.  Cleaning the CG100 is no easy task either, and it must be partially disassembled to get at the grinding drum and container. This makes it a frustrating task, especially considering how little grated cheese you will actually get from this machine after one use.
So in conclusion this is definitely not a good buy in our eyes. The motor is badly underpowered, the cheese grater container is too small and it is difficult to clean. In fact it would be much easier to use a hand grater than it would be to use this model, which defeats the whole purpose of an electric grater. Since we received this machine we have learned that it has been discontinued which is probably for the best.


  • Looks good
  • Cheap


  • Motor is badly underpowered
  • Struggles to grate even soft cheese
  • Container is too small
  • Difficult to clean

The Oster CG100 is not a good grater. It can only do small amounts of cheese at a time, and even this is a struggle which can take minutes. At the time of writing, it had a poor 1.8 star rating on Amazon, and the user reviews all have similar complaints to what we have experienced. This is definitely a model to avoid, so rather look at some of our other reviews to find something better.

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