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Mouli Cheese Grater

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In recent months we have had a number of readers asking us if we knew where they could get hold of a Mouli cheese grater. For those of you who don’t know, the Mouli cheese grater is a vintage cheese grater which was made in the early 1940’s. It was a popular items back then, and today it is considered to be a collectors item. In this article we are going to have a brief look at this old fashioned cheese grater to provide a bit of info for anyone who has heard of this model before.

The Mouli cheese grater was originally made in France. Like many kitchen utensils of the day, it was fully made out of stainless steel so as you can imagine it is as tough as nails. These days rotary cheese graters are virtually all made out of plastic, which simply cannot compare in durability compared to this model. There are some metal rotary cheese graters available on the market today, but they are mostly made using thinner lower grade stainless steel which means you are left with a somewhat weak and fragile model.
The Mouli metal cheese grater is very sturdy, and you can tell that it is a product of a bygone era. There is a saying about how “they don’t make things like they used to”, and that is very true when it comes to this particular product.

According to our research there were two different models of this particular model. The easy way to identify between them is to look at the color of the handle. Some of the models came with a red handle, while others came with a yellow handle. From what we can gather that is the only real change between these two different units. However we have also heard reports that some models come with two different grating drums. Could it be that only one model was made, and it came with a yellow and red handled drum? Unfortunately we aren’t entirely sure of this, so if anyone can answer this then send us an email and we will update this post. We have seen the red handled version, and this features a medium shredding blade.

Looking at the design of the unit, it doesn’t really differ from the rotary graters you can buy today. There is a rotating arm which pushes the cheese against the drum, and the chute is a rather generous size. Essentially this design is virtually unchanged today, so clearly the designers of this unit had a good idea in mind when they made it. In terms of functionality, the Mouli stainless steel rotary cheese grater does a fantastic job of grating cheese. This model can shred through any kinds of cheese, as the stainless steel base ensures there is no flexibility at all. We imagine that you can also use this model quite comfortably with other items such as nuts or chocolate without any hassles at all.
So where can you find this model? If you are lucky then you may find one on Ebay, or your local thrift shop. If those don’t provide any results, then the odds are you will have to simply wait until one pops up. These are now considered to be collectors items since they are so highly rated, and finding one for sale seems to be exceedingly rare in this day and age. There is a product page on Amazon, but at the time of writing it is currently unavailable. We don’t know if it will be back in stock at any point, but it might be worth booking marking that page and having a look at it every now and again.

So that is a brief summary of the Mouli cheese grater. It works really well as a hard cheese grater or even a soft cheese grater, and we are pretty confident that you could grate all kinds of other items with it. The only problem is trying to find one as they are quite rare. If you do manage to find one, make sure you snap it up before anyone else does!