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Hamilton Beach 70610 Food Processor Review

With such a large variety of food processors currently available on the market today, how do you find one that will be ideal for grating cheese? One way to do this is to look at some user reviews, and when it comes to user reviews the Hamilton Beach 70610 sounds quite promising. We are going to have a look at this model today to see how well it performs. With a retail price of under $60 it is very affordable, but how well does it perform? Keep reading more to find out.

Product Features:
Hamilton Beach have a long history of making quality affordable kitchen tools, and we are hoping this particular model is no exception. Lets have a look at the design of the unit first. The entire model is housed in a tough white plastic, and the top section is made out of a clear acrylic to help you keep an eye on your food. The on/off switch is painted grey, and below that is a small Hamilton Beach logo. Included with this food processor is a food guide, a reversible stainless steel shredding & slicing blade, and a stainless steel chopping blade.
The machine has two speed settings, and also a pulse setting. The entire unit is powered by a 525 watt motor, which should be more than sufficient to get through the hardest of cheeses without any issues. The capacity of this particular model is 10 cups, though you can get a larger capacity models for a little bit more. There is a handy place for storing the cord when the machine is not in use. Overall the design is pretty decent, and the accessories are more or less what you would expect to receive with processor in this price bracket.

Now the big question is how well does it operate? Thanks to the “Oversized Feed Chute”, you can fit rather large chunks of cheese in there without much hassle. Using the first speed setting, it will quite happily slice though a decent chunk of cheese in about 10  seconds. The faster setting will cut down this time by a few seconds, but obviously it is a little noisier to do it this way. Either way the machine had no real issue at all with cheese, including a variety of tough and soft cheeses. The blade that this comes with is a medium sized shedding blade, which does a great job. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like you can buy a large or a fine shredding blade for this machine, so you may have to look elsewhere if you like finely or large grated cheese.
You don’t even really need to put much pressure on the cheese, as the machine tends to suck it down as it is shredding it. Having shredded around 5 different kinds of cheese ranging from hard to soft, we were very happy with the performance of this model.

Generally when we test a machine that is also designed for other purposes, we like to give it a quick run at items beside cheese to see how well it copes. To do that we gave it a quick test run using the slicing blade and a cucumber. As expected, the cucumber shot straight through without any hassle. We also had a small potato to try out, and again that was no match at all for this machine. We then switch over to the chopping blade, to see how well that functions. After peeling an onion, we pop it in the chamber and put it to the test. After around 5 seconds we were left with with a few tablespoons of well chopped onion. We didn’t take the testing much further than that as we were primarily interested in the cheese grating functionality of the machine, but it definitely does a fine job with chopping and slicing other kinds of food.
Cleaning the machine is quite straightforward, and the entire top section quickly and easily disassembles. The top parts are dishwasher friendly, although they are easy enough to handwash.
So that is the Hamilton Beach Processor in a nutshell. It has an affordable pricetag, and does a fine job of grating cheese. The only downside is that it only has a medium grating blade, but if you don’t need a fine or large blade then this isn’t an issue.
The Hamilton Beach 70610 comes standard with a 1 year warranty.


  • Decent price
  • Powerful motor
  • Built in cord storage
  • Large food chute
  • Works very well


  • Only one grater blade available (medium size)

The Hamilton Beach is a decent food processor, which can shred cheese into a medium size in no time. It is affordable, and can also be used with many other kinds of food. The only downside is the lack of other sized shredding blades, but if you lke medium grated cheese then there is no need to worry. At the time of writing this model was on special on Amazon with free shipping. You can check if it is still one sale using this link.

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