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Cuisinart CMG-20 Rechargeable Grater Review

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Rechargeable cheese graters have dropped off the market in recent years, and now it seems like there are only a handful available for purchase. One of these models is the Cuisinart CMG-20, which we are going to look at today. It has been available for a few years now, so can it still stand up to the competition or is it a bit outdated? Lets have a look at it below.

Product Features:
We’ll start off by looking at the design of the model. The entire unit is encased in a tough white plastic, and features the Cuisinart logo on the front. To be honest it doesn’t look that unique, or have anything that will set it apart from the competition. It does feel a little light in your hand, and hopefully this is not a sign of poor build quality. When it is not in use it sits in the charging cradle. This leaves the machine standing almost vertical, so it doesn’t take up too much space in this position. Included with this model are three cones including the fine grater, the medium grater and the slicer grater. These are made out of stainless steel, and they feel solid enough. This model has a claimed run time of 20 minutes after each charge, and we will have to see how true that is.  The handle of the model is “ergonomically designed”, although it didn’t really feel like anything special after we had used it a few times.

Now the big question is how well does the Cuisinart cheese grater work, and unfortunately the answer is not too well. We began by testing it with a block of semi-soft mozzarella cheese. The first issue we encountered with this machine is the size of the hopper, which is somewhat small. This means that prior to even using this mini cheese grater you will need to cut up the cheese into very small chunks. This makes a little more work for you, and only leaves you with a little bit of cheese after is is done. That isn’t the major issue with this model however. The main issue with it is the power, or lack of power in this case. The CMG-20 did manage to grate the mozzarella cheese, although you could tell that it was struggling a bit. We then switched to a bit of cheddar which had the same issue. You could feel the motor was under strain trying to accomplish this task, and this was with minimal pressure on the handle. If you press down a bit harder to try and accelerate the process then the entire machine virtually comes to a halt.
After that we decided to go all out and try a tough block of parmesan. Again the machine really struggled to get going, and the little motor simply could not cope with the power needed for this task.

Changing the cone from the medium to the fine grater didn’t seem to help much at all, but it did manage to get through the parmesan after a minute or two. The battery life was noticeably getting lower at this point, so we put the machine back on charge. This seems to be a common problem on rechargeable models, and the lack of power seems to be the tradeoff for the cheap price.
Cleaning it out is no more difficult than any other rechargeable model, and the removable parts are all dishwasher safe.
So that leaves us with a machine that struggles to produce a small amount of cheese. With this in mind, we find it very hard to recommend this model as it has a retail price of around $60. For that kind of money you could pick up a decent wired model, which would slice through any kind of cheese with ease.  So for that reason alone, we suggest you steer clear of this particular model.


  • Comes with three different cones
  • Nice charging cradle
  • Removable parts are dishwasher safe


  • Hopper is too small
  • Underpowered

If you are looking or a decent battery operated cheese grater, then we suggest you keep looking. This model is underpowered, and the hopper is far too small. If you are still interested in this model, then we suggest you read some of the user reviews on the Amazon page. Most of them tend to mirror the problems we had with the machine. Otherwise take a look at your Reviews Section page for something a bit better.

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