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Black & Decker GG200 Cheese Grater Review

With there being a lack of newer rechargeable cheese grater models on the market right now, we decided to go back and look at one of the older models that is still available for purchase. The Black & Decker GG200 is quite a unique concept, as it is a fully handheld grater that is designed to be used at the dinner table or directly onto your food. This is the only real grater of this kind that we have seen, so how well does it work? Lets check it out below.

Product Features:
Introduced roughly a decade ago, the GG200 is quite an interesting idea. An easy to use battery cheese grater is something many folks would like to have at mealtimes, so that is why Black & Decker designed this particular model. The base of the unit is made out of a tough white plastic, and the Black & Decker logo is one the front of the machine. Included with this model are three stainless steel blades including a fine, course and shaving blade. These blades feel quite sturdy, and they should provide many years of usage. There is a handle at the back of the unit, which allows you to keep the unit steady when it is in use. This also doubles as a storage hook when the device is not in use. Swapping blades is quite straightforward, and this is done by lifting the front section open and removing the current blade. Simply slot the new one in, and you are good to go. Also included is the charger and the instruction sheet.

Now lets talk about the performance of the model. Unfortunately though there really isn’t much performance to really talk about, as it is severely lacking. For hard cheeses such as parmesan it does work ok, although it does take too long to get through a small block of cheese. You need to put a fair amount of pressure on the machine to get it to grate, but if you put too much pressure then the entire machine grinds to a halt. For the amount of time it takes, it simply is less hassle and easier to do on a hand grater. The slow grating times aren’t the only issue however, as the cheese tends to build up at the back if the grater once it has been grated, and you will need to stop several times and scrape with a knife to get it to fall off. Don’t even consider trying to grind a soft kind of cheese like mozzarella, as this will simply clog up the machine and will be a complete waste of your energy.

Essentially this means the GG200 is only really suited to hard substances like firm cheese or chocolate, but even with this it will be much quicker and more effective to use a hand grater. For the retail price of $40, we simply cannot recommend this product. It is certainly a great idea, but the lack of power in this model makes it virtually unusable. Generally when a good new product comes on the market, a number of very similar products appear on the market shortly afterwards to cash in on the good design. In this case there has been nothing similar made in the past decade, and for good reason since the concept does not work. It is a shame, as this could have been a very handy product for everyday use.


  • Three different blades
  • Unique product
  • Easy to swap blades


  • Doesn’t have enough power
  • Gets clogged up

The lack of power means that this entire unit is virtually useless. The cheese also tends to get stuck at the back of the grater, and you have to waste time trying to scrape it off. For the retail price of $40, you would be much better off getting a cheap wired model which will do a much much better job. If you are still interested in this model, we strongly suggest you read some of the user reviews on Amazon over here first. If our review hasn’t dissuaded you, then those user reviews should give you an idea of the quality of the product. Otherwise have a look at our reviews section for something a bit more promising.

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